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Sales Interviewing Process

Our multistep interviewing process reflects our seriousness about finding the right people to successfully serve our customers. The first step of the process is a resume and application review where we aim to identify candidates with a clear record of accomplishment, responsibility, and sales aptitude.

If a resume suggests relevant experience and qualifications, the next step is a phone interview with one of our Hiring Managers. The most promising candidates are invited for an in-person interview with a Districts Manager or Vice President at one of our local sales offices.

If the in-person interview determines a likely mutual fit, we invite candidates to spend a day with us in the sales field so each candidate can experience our sales process and a typical day alongside an existing member of our sale team. Finally, we ask candidates to learn our short, standard sales script before coming to our fun but intense week-long new hire training and orientation program.

The candidate review and recruiting process is coordinated from start to finish by a dedicated Hiring Manager who both makes the initial interviewing decisions and then coordinates the next steps from the in-person interview to the first day of formal classroom training.

Interviewing Tips

  • Be prepared. Have some questions to ask. Our objective during the interviewing process is to ensure a good fit for the candidate, and for our company. What are your priorities and goals?
  • Make a good first impression. This is your chance to impress your potential new manager.
  • Be ready to talk about specific past experience.
  • Assemble hard evidence of past achievements. If you have documentation that shows any of your past successes, bring it along.
  • Think about your personal and professional goals. Be able to explain them, and talk about how you plan on achieving them.
Company Growth

Our Growth is a Reflection of Our Advertiser’s Success.

Our company has become the nation’s largest publisher of community specific telephone directories and also, the fastest growing company in our industry. Starting in 1997, our firm has grown consistently and significantly each year. We currently publish in ten states, have over 350 full time employees, and serve nearly 50,000 independent business owners. This consistent growth is a reflection of the value that our customers gain from our directories and text marketing.

Sales Position Overview

Account Managers manage five community sales campaigns in their first year of employment, typically within 45 minutes of their home. They meet face to face with the owners and managers of every business located in their protected territory. Account Managers are responsible for selling traditional local directory advertising and mobile marketing services to these merchants by implementing the proven HomePages® Sales and Marketing Program.

Each of our 50,000 customers receives an in-person visit from a sales rep to renew their participation in our community directories. Additionally, our reps identify and close a significant volume of new business and they introduce our established advertising customers to effective and practical text marketing products. Our sales people must be smart, ambitious and able to see a project through to its successful completion. In-person prospecting and the ability to stay focused on a goal is critical to succeeding in this position. Our successful employees share a number of common sales traits, including an ability to stay organized, a willingness to work very hard and a high level of interpersonal persuasive skills.

Our company's 15 year record of steady, significant growth provides our employees with tremendous opportunity for personal and professional advancement.

If you are a high-energy individual with a winning attitude and work ethic, you will find a strong match to your talent and initiative at our firm. Capable, self-directed, achievement-oriented employees are the foundation of our business. We offer excellent compensation and benefits, outstanding initial and ongoing training, and rapid advancement opportunity.

We think of the hiring process as a critical first step in sustaining a straightforward, positive and performance-oriented company culture. We look forward to reviewing your application and speaking with you in person.

Sales Rep Compensation

We are proud to pay strong sales representatives exceptionally, and to provide our employees and their families with excellent benefits.

In 2011, the average full year HomePages sales rep earned $70,070. While new members of our sales team usually earn less on average during their first year, many of our more tenured sales reps consistently earn in the low to mid six figures annually, as do a small number of new hires.

HomePages® Sales Representatives receive a base salary which is paid bi-weekly regardless of sales performance. Though this base pay is low ($25,000 per year) it is matched with a very aggressive and consistent commission structure, which pays out at rates between 17% and 28% dependent on performance and position. Commissions are paid monthly. Reps are eligible additionally for several standard monthly and quarterly bonuses based on sales achievement.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield Health Insurance
Vision, Dental, & Life Insurance
Company 401K
Automotive Allowance
Company issued Cell Phone
15 Paid Time Off Days and 9 Paid Company Holidays annually
Paid training and a positive, supportive sales environment

Operations and Product Development

At HomePages main office in DeKalb, Illinois our team of hardworking operations employees supports the activities of our sales representatives as well as our customers.
In departments spanning administration and data entry, production and design, information technology, customer care, text specialists, and accounting and finance this group of both full time and part time professionals meets our operational challenges and opportunities with innovation, creativity, intelligence and always a dash of fun. Prospective employees should expect to work hard, bring a great attitude to work every day, and embrace change.


Our sales training includes both classroom and field training and is a process not an event. We believe that great sales people are constantly learning and growing to stay at the top of their game. We view our substantial investment in your initial classroom sales training as merely the beginning of that process.

A new hire begins their employment at our corporate offices in a comfortable classroom training environment, led by people who are not just great trainers, but great salespeople as well. Every HomePages trainer has spent years successfully selling our product and is enthusiastic about transmitting their best practices to you. During the first week we cover company orientation, basic sales skills, product features and benefits, field organization and materials, sales process, technological resources, objections training, and attitude management.

The second week involves hands-on field training by both District Managers and Assistant District Managers. Canvas planning, paperwork, and sales process as well as point of sales skills are demonstrated and reviewed.

During the next six weeks, new hires go through a series of six field training modules that reinforce material first introduced in the classroom. The objective of these field training modules is to develop and demonstrate competency and confidence in specific aspects of our sales process.

In addition to the formal program of new and continuing employee training and orientation, all company employees are invited and encouraged to participate as learners or teachers in our monthly Leadership Development Program, which is facilitated by company founders and executives, and on morning conference calls where we share recognition, practical advice from peers in the field, and stories of success.

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